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Service Time: 10AM on Sundays in Shaler Twp.

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Support our local outreach partners as they respond to COVID-19.


Light of Life provides food and care for the poor and homeless. Visit their site to see their most up-to-date needs. 

This week, we are organizing a drive to provide bagged lunches and other supplies through Light of Life, an organization on the North Side of Pittsburgh that does tremendous outreach for many different needs. 

If you are interested in helping put together some lunches here is what they recommend:

  • Two sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly but lunch meat is preferred if at all possible, no tomatoes - makes sandwiches soggy)

  • Brown paper bags

  • Sandwich bags - zip closing style - not fold over

  • Package of gum

  • Piece of fruit

  • Candy bar

  • Juice drink or can of pop

  • Napkin

  • Bag of chips/pretzels

  • Prepackaged lunch desserts

  • Individually wrapped moist towelette


They are also collecting a host of other items which you can learn more about at the button below. 

If you are interested in participating we will be collecting lunches and items on Saturday March 28th. Contact Autumn Dosch who is organizing the drive.


North Hills Community Outreach helps struggling families in communities in northern Allegheny County get through difficult times and work toward self-sufficiency. Visit their site to see their most up-to-date needs. 


The Foster Love Project provides love in action to foster children as well as support to the foster families who are providing care for them. Visit their site to see their most up-to-date needs. 


Here are some resources from the Allegheny County website.

  • Allegheny County Housing Authority is working with its residents who may have their working hours reduced due to the COVID-19 crisis. They will perform timely interim adjustments upon receipt of information.

  • Comcast is offering new, low-income Internet Essentials customers two months of free internet and raising the speed of that program’s service. Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country will be available for free to all users and data plans will be paused for 60 days, giving customers unlimited data for no additional charge. Additionally, the company will not disconnect a customer’s internet service during this period or assess late fees if they contact the company regarding their inability to pay.

  • Duquesne Light is discontinuing all shutoff activities through at least May 1, 2020. The utility has also implemented access restrictions to its critical operational facilities to support the continued provision of safe, reliable power to communities, and has waived late fees.

  • The Emergency Fund for Artists provides up to $500 in assistance to artists experience loss of income due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  • FirstEnergy will temporarily suspend shutoffs and offer payment options to help ease hardships.

  • Free Food Distribution Map: Working with our partners, we have created a map that will be continuously updated with the most current information of where free food distributions are occurring in the county. Many of these sites have eligibility requirements, so please call the site if you have questions. (Contact information is included along with each site’s description. The information contained on the site is subject to change).

  • PA 2-1-1 Southwest helps prevent hunger, utility shut-offs and homelessness when people have nowhere else to turn. Representatives are available 24/7 to help connect residents to services and resources that address their needs.

  • Pennsylvania American Water has placed a moratorium and discontinued service shutoffs in an effort to keep customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, the utility is beginning the restoration of service to previously shut-off customers. PA American Water also joined with other major water associations to reassure the public of the safety of its water during this outbreak.

  • Testing – Are you feeling sick and believe you might have contracted COVID-19? Learn how to get tested for the virus. Providers in our area are testing for COVID-19. Visit UPMC and AHN for more information.