• Justin Dosch

DAY 18: Thursday, April 30th

The most important thing we will do today is spend time alone with the God of the universe. As sin-filled sinners we make excuses, whether “I’m too tired,” or, “I don’t have the time.” The irony in all of this is that God is LIFE and LIGHT in abundance. As we spend time in His presence we become ENERGIZED.

One of the wonderful things about the gospel is the rest that comes with it. Psalm 127 discusses a physical rest that comes with faith in God, but the book of Hebrews discusses a different kind of rest. A deeper rest. This is a spiritual rest, that brings peace to our lives, hearts and souls. It is a rest that we can experience even when we are working. It is a rest that we can experience even when we are tired. The key to this rest is spending time with God in His word.

It’s not that we do not have enough time in our day, its that we do not put spending time in scripture as a high enough priority. How can prioritizing spending time in God’s word everyday change your life? Do you feel tired, anxious, or stressed all the time? Does sleeping not fix those feelings? Chances are your soul is restless. Experience God’s presence and rest today! Share how you feel God’s rest changing you!