• Justin Dosch

Day 25: Thursday, May 7th

Last Thursday the topic of devotion was in gospel rest. I hope you had the opportunity to experience that this week. A major component of experiencing that rest is spending time with God in his presence. This is time we must carve out of our day intentionally. I am not always the best at this. I often make excuses as to why it’s okay for me not to read my Bible. “It’s so early and I can get a few more minutes of sleep, I’ll have quiet time tonight.” “I just don’t feel like I’m in the right mindset right now to pray.” “I’ll start reading my Bible again once I clean my life up a little bit. There’s no way God will want me to read my Bible right now with the stuff I’m doing.” Any of that ring a bell?

I get so bogged down in my guilt that it makes reading my Bible a burden. I feel so much shame because when I read my Bible I feel as if it’s God telling me, “I told you so!” But let’s be real for a minute. That guilt and shame is not coming from God. It’s coming from within ourselves. These excuses we make are lies we tell ourselves to make us feel better, but somehow it always makes us feel worse. So what do we do then? See what God actually says to us!

Read over the verses from devotional this morning. Romans 8:38-39 is my favorite passage in the Bible. There is no better place in scripture to see the assurance of God’s love for us no matter what. God does not say “I told you so.” God says, “I love you so!” No matter how bad we think we are, God will never stop loving us. Period. Paul highlights in the book of Romans that it was when we were enemies of he sent his son to die for us in the ultimate act of love, that God might have us again for all eternity.

JD Greear is a pastor and theologian. He came up with a prayer he called the Gospel Prayer. The first part of this prayer is “There is nothing I can do to make God love me more, and nothing I have done to make God love me less.” God loves us perfectly as we are, unconditionally and that will never change, no matter what we do, good or bad. Realizing this truth will bring a peace to your soul that is beyond all understanding. Pray that prayer with us this morning and always rest in the truth and promise that is God’s perfect love for us!