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At its core, a multiply huddle is where intentional, committed discipleship takes place. "Developing" disciples who want to grow deeper in their faith and knowledge of scripture will join 3-4 others in a yearlong Bible study where they will be challenged to grow and disciple others. Along the way you'll study a host of topics from prayer and worship to the Holy Spirit, spiritual warfare and gifts, Biblical stewardship, how to share your faith and a lot more! The four pillars of Multiply Huddles are:

1. BIBLE STUDY - Abiding in Christ and studying His word is primarily how we learn about who God is.

2. PRAYER - Jesus is at the center of every relationship we have. When we come together it is important to pray for one another and with one another. We want to thank God for the blessings in our lives but to also turn to him in the valleys of life. We are a community of prayer.

3. TRANSPARENCY - The core of human experience is to be known and loved. Huddles are designed to be a safe place to be transparent, to show and receive grace while growing deeper in God’s love

4. ACCOUNTABILITY - We were never meant to do life alone. In order to transform through discipleship and accomplish goals, accountability from those who love us and those we love is essential.


What happens during a Multiply Huddle?

Discipleship. A Huddle facilitator will facilitate discussion/study through a book called Discipleship Essentials, which covers important topics and doctrines of the Christian faith. Its a small group of 3-4 people who come together 2x a month to study, converse, and pray together and grow deeper in relationship with Jesus.

Where do Multiply Huddles meet?

It's up to the members of the huddle to determine date/time/location to meet.

Is childcare available?

Childcare varies depending on your huddle location. We factor in children when planning and pairing our Huddle participants with a facilitator!

Whats the difference between a Life Group and a Multiply Huddle?
The difference between a Life Group and a multiply huddle is this: life groups are a time to be
outward focused, tangibly loving the body of Christ through fellowship, care, prayer, and service. Multiply Huddles are more inward focused; abiding, learning, and growing in God’s word through Bible study, prayer, accountability, and transparency.

If I am already in a Life Group, do I also need to be in a Huddle or vice versa?
Short answer is YES! Discipleship is more than a Bible study to grow in Bible knowledge. The
reason we have two types of groups is because they serve two different purposes. You will not get from a life group what you will get from a multiply huddle. In order to get a wholistic approach to discipleship at True North, it is important to be involved in both a Life Group and a Huddle.


There's no better opportunity to grow deeper in your faith or to help lead others into deeper growth.

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